School food

Growing up as a kid in the 90′s, school food was notoriously bad. Sure, it was $2 for a lunch, but it was garbage that definitely had negative effects on the health of anyone unfortunate enough to eat it.

It’s odd that educators would have so little knowledge of the basic nutrition being taught in their own schools. I guess you can blame it on the emphasis of math, science, and language to the detriment of “living skills” like understanding nutrition or basic finances and cooking.

Slowly but surely, it appears as though more education administrators are becoming aware of what kind of food should be served to children. Pop machines are being phased out. Pizza as an every day meal option is being replaced with healthier sandwiches. Still, many schools are slow to get with the program and continue to offer the same old fruit from a can, frozen pizza, and soft drink with a cookie for dessert.

One of the things that helps when you deal with a bad diet is to let kids exercise. Our school bought some gym equipment so that we could have a great place for our student athletes to work out, and where we could teach children how to exercise once they graduate. We are starting to have them learn how to train like they do on which emphasizes a good overall fitness.

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